Friday, April 13, 2007

karaoke ringtones

Singtones has just soft-launched their new service which is essentially karaoke ringtones.. you sing your tune down the phone line, they clean up the vocal, add a backing track and send it back to you as a ringtone. I'm a big karaoke fan, but I'm not sure the world is quite ready to hear my dulcet tones every time my phone rings, but I reckon some folks will definitely like it.

The reckon that their service is better than karaoke as it's you who's sounding great in the mix and that they can magically put your voice in tune and in time in just seconds. It's free to record your tune and preview it, you only pay when you confirm the download on to your phone. And in fact, some of the choons are free anyway which is nice. They've got lots of up to date choons to choose from including Ruby by the Kaiser Chiefs and Grace Kelly by Mika as well as classics like Abba's Dancing Queen and Queen's Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Go on, it's Friday afternoon, give it a go! I will be trying it later in the privacy of my own home.