Thursday, April 19, 2007

In-flight SMS being trialled on Qantas

Don't get too excited about the potential for mobile usage on planes just yet - this is just a trial, it's data only and on just one plane. Passengers on the selected Boeing 767 flying between Australian cities in the next 3 months will be able to send and receive SMS and access GPRS services for email and wap usage, but no voice facilities will be available. Passengers will need to have international roaming enabled as the aeroplane will operate like a roamed-to network and of course, there will be the associated cost.

I think this is kinda neat, but don't they already have broadband access on international Japanese flights or did I just dream that up?? I'm 99% certain that a friend of mine on a recent trip to Japan was instant messaging me from the aeroplane.

Via El Reg.

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