Friday, April 20, 2007

Even more kulcha this week - Korean stylee

It seems I have friends in high places these days as I was a guest at the first night of Break Out! at the Peacock Theatre. I had no idea what to expect as I'd been told it was hip-hop breakdancing Korean stylee but hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

So Katherine and I pitch up and we have great seats near the front and it's an almost full house with lots of young people there (makes a change - it's mostly over 50s you get to hang with at the theatre - no offence to you over 50s, but diversity is good!).

The show opens with a projector show and an off-the-wall comedy mime scene, at which point Katherine and I exchanged glances and wondered what was in store. And then the show moved into action. A really innovative mix of comedy, great soundtrack, totally amazing breakdancing (I mean really stunning), a generous sprinkling of slapstick and a good story line to boot.

It's the story of some prisoners who find an enchanted book which leads them to breaking out of prison and experience a series of adventures. I particularly loved their tunnel scene where they donned mini-me suits to give the effect of crawling through a tunnel. The 3 girls in support were fab and managed to shift from being prison officers to nurses to nuns with the greatest of ease. And the whole cast had us gripped and in stitches throughout the performance.

It's on until Sunday and it's well worth catching it while you can.

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