Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Did you miss the mobile marketing forum?

I didn't make it to this year's MMA London mobile marketing forum for the conference, but I did manage to say hello to pals and colleagues in the evening courtesy of Admob. It sounds like it was an interesting day and worth going to. So, if like me, you missed it, then you can read all about the 'What Agencies Want panel session' here. It's well worth a read if you're an agency, working with an agency or want to work with agencies.

Via mobhappy.

The Mobile Web is live and kicking

Oh yeah baby! It surely is. When I walk down the street or sit on the bus, folks are casually chatting about doing stuff on the mobile web. The combination of the launch of the iphone advertising campaign for O2 (which shows lots of commonly used websites rendered beautifully on the iphone) and the launch of facebook's mobile web version, it feels like the mobile web is taking off.

However, not everyone is singing from the same hymnsheet. The much respected Russell Beattie has closed down Mowser, his reasons being that it wasn't making money and he no longer believed in the mobile web anyway. Or words to that effect. I read his blog post on the topic thoroughly and chatted with a few colleagues on the topic to get their reaction. They were both pretty bullish about the mobile web and felt that Russ had got it wrong this time and that maybe Mowser was always destined to fail. Bad news for Mowser, but good news for the mobile web in general.

And it would seem that the latest round of statistics from the GSMA, Admob and m:metrics would suggest that all is well in the land of the mobile web.

First off, the GSMA announced that there are 3 billion active mobile subscribers globally. Yes, that's right THREE billion.

M:metrics shows us (full press release and tables here) that consumption of mobile media is pretty healthy too with 36% of 18 to 34 year old males in western Europeaccessing mobile media and 9% of them responding to a text message advert (versus a 4% market average).

Interestingly, U.S. mobile users are more active consumers of mobile media, as unlike Europeans they use SMS less frequently for news and information retrieval and are more likely to have data plans, which directly impacts mobile content consumption. Among Europeans, the UK has the highest percentage of mobile media users, at 26.8 percent, while Germany and France lag, at 18.4 percent and 18.5 percent, respectively.

And in the UK, mobile media is attracting a highly desirable audience that is 44 percent more likely to be defined as ‘cash rich, time poor ‘than the market average and data from TGI M:Metrics confirms that one third of all UK mobile media users agree they are tempted to buy products they’ve seen advertised.

Meanwhile, over at Admob, they've just released their March report where traffic is up 10% on the previous month, 24.5% of ad requests globally were from smartphones and the Nokia n70 moved into the top spot for India. Interesting stuff. Read the full pdf report here.

And if those stats aren't enough, then check this post out from mjelly. 10 reasons why the mobile web isn't dead including the fact that 17 million Brits played on the mobile web in December 2007, 500k sites have been built on Peperonity, Admob publishes 2.5billion mobile web adverts monthly, flirtomatic mobile traffic triples their pc web traffic and getjar has delivered over 100m mobile downloads in the last 2 years.

Pah, doesn't sound like the mobile web is dead to me Mr Beattie.