Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The FT 1000 - The Complete List of Europe's Fastest Growing Companies 2018

For those of you interested in start-ups and growth businesses, this list will be invaluable. It's a link to the FT 1000 which lists the companies in 31 European countries that have achieved the highest compound annual growth rate in revenue between 2013 and 2016. Note the measurement is revenue not profit.

It's worth a glance if you have any interest in business. The data is downloadable as a spreadsheet and searchable. The FT also shares their methodology.

Top line findings:

  • Technology dominates the list with 155 entries and Deliveroo at #1 replacing Germany's HelloFresh
  • London has held on to its position as the most popular base for HQ with 74 entries (Paris has 62, Milan 25).
  • Fintech has performed well (Good news for London).
  • UK, Spain, Germany and France all have a strong presence in the Top 20.
  • The lowest average growth rate in this year's ranking was 34.6% vs last year's 16.1%.
  • Germany leads the way in the advertising sector as they also do in the Automobile sector. I would have expected the latter but not the former. I wonder why British advertising companies aren't showing similar growth.

I haven't heard of the majority of these companies. Am I out of touch? Maybe. Or is that successful companies very often get there completely under the radar? Or maybe it's down to my focus and visibility of British companies. I'm thinking probably the latter. Something for me to ponder on over a cup of tea...

You can find the list here.