Monday, May 29, 2006

The Da Vinci Code goes mobile with Mobile Streams

Mobile Streams has announced a worldwide deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) to mobilise the blockbuster motion picture, The Da Vinci Code, starring Tom Hanks.

Under the terms of the agreement, Mobile Streams, using its proprietary Vuesia technology, has formatted content masters of the film into 'mobile ready' video, audio and graphic formats. The video clips are approximately two minutes each and offer mobile users glimpses into the Da Vinci Code story. 450 pieces of mobile content were produced by Mobile Streams in just a few days.

"Mobile distribution is an essential element of our overall Global marketing strategy for 'The Da Vinci Code'," says Tony Beswick, VP Operations & Technology Worldwide Product Fulfillment at Sony Pictures.

You can see some of the mobile content here and it seems to be all paid-for content - I didn't spot any freebies. I don't know where else you can get the mobile content, but I suspect several carrier deals have been done if mobile distribution really is an essential part of the global marketing strategy.

Also, this seems to be a non-exclusive deal as Ipsh! is managing the US mobile content site (that has no video clips). Is there an existing relationship between Ipsh! and Mobile Streams? Answers on a text message please.

Sven: The Coach, The Cash and His Lovers on mobile

More 4 has taken a pioneering approach to the marketing of a new show Sven, The Coach, The Cash and His Lovers. Using look-alike actors, viewers will see previously unseen scenes and imaginary moments based on stories from Sven's pas. This includes dressing room antics with Beckham, Rooney and the England squad, discussions in the FA boardroom and some raunchy moments with Nancy, Ulrika and Faria.

They are also offering taster clips for free in the run-up to the event - you can view them by t
exting MOBILE to 83188 where you can access More 4 on the Channel 4 mobile portal. There are also some clips up on youtube (although they've been outed quite quickly as fakes).
The clips are particularly suited to mobile since the material looks like it was actually shot on a mobile phone, which adds that 'authentic' flavour. The mobile clip is different to the ones used for online and shows Sven getting a lap dance.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Swedish Beers Mobile Networking - next event 14th June

The rain may be pouring, we may be on drought alert in the South East but the beers will be flowing at Swedish Beers at the Nordic Bar, Newman St W1, on Wednesday 14th June, 2006 courtesy of our wonderful sponsors Admob. So if you fancy a drink and a chat about mobile, media and anything else that takes your fancy, then Swedish Beers is for you - no presentations, no speakers, nothing formal - just turn up and mingle. We'll be there from 6.30pm in the back bar. The first few beers are on Admob - look out for Russell at the bar.

About our sponsor:
AdMob is a start-up headed by Russell Buckley in Europe, who will be coming to the event too (in fact, you might have read Russell's blog over at Mobhappy - he's a bit of a mobile veteran). AdMob is an advertising network for mobile websites. They serve text-based, pay-per-click ads on their partners’ websites, when they are seen on a mobile handset. So far, their beta advertisers have experienced 4 times the ROI as online campaigns. So well worth a try, we'd say.

AdMob is looking for more mobile website owners and more advertisers to try the channel – especially content sellers. Talk to Russell on the night, sign up at their website or drop him an email.

About the Nordic Bar:
The nearest tubes are Tottenham Court Road or Goodge Street or Oxford Circus. Newman Street is one of the streets off Oxford Street on the north side and it's in a basement. Check out the website for more details. We'll be in the back bar from 6.30pm on the 14th June.

About Swedish Beers:
It's an informal networking event for people who have an interest in mobile and like a chat over a beer or two.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Helen, Russell and Steve

Monday, May 15, 2006

mobile and video news

A couple of snippets I read about today that I thought was interesting.

Firstly, Ms Cellulite (pictured left is a text-based soap which has been successful in the US. Channel X, with director Charlie Salem, are producing a UK pilot with an interactive TV version and a mobile version. The existing product in the US was cross platform with 2.5G and 3G support but quite what those are/were I'm not sure. There's a website up and running now in the UK so you can check it out. Looks kinda interesting.

Secondly, Fox is selling full episodes from 24 on in a bid for myspace to become more commercial and to use it as a platform for selling and distributing content to its reputed 75m members across the globe. Via Brand Republic. Not exactly rocket science to do this - especially as they're sister companies but a development nevertheless. Add in the potential to stream to the mobiles of those 75m customers and you have a pretty powerful media brand.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

wanna know how to promote your podcast

then check out Matt's run down of top tips on the art of podcast promotion. Really useful tips there, well worth a read if you're interested in pocasting.

Half of 18 to 34's are embracing mobile advertising

Enpocket has just done its latest research into mobile marketing with 2,702 over 18s in the UK, US and India during March 2006 (as seen on Brand Republic) and it seems that:

57% of 18 to 34 yer olds have interacted with a company via a short code vs 40% of adults
60% have used their mobile phone to access mobile content in the last 3 months vs 41% of adults

There is also an increased interest in content applications such as music (34%), movies (22%) and photos (52%).

The 18 to 34s are also the most interested currently in content services. When asked what applications they would use if price was not a barrier, 67% chose sharing pictures with friends and family, 58% in downloading songs, 53% in video calling and 39% in watching film trailers or sporting highlights video clips.

Bodes well for mobile media moguls and mobile marketers. Let's get the pricing sorted out network operators. Then maybe we'll see appropriate take-up of some of these services without being hit for massive data charges. Bring on bundled pricing please.