Sunday, May 07, 2006

Half of 18 to 34's are embracing mobile advertising

Enpocket has just done its latest research into mobile marketing with 2,702 over 18s in the UK, US and India during March 2006 (as seen on Brand Republic) and it seems that:

57% of 18 to 34 yer olds have interacted with a company via a short code vs 40% of adults
60% have used their mobile phone to access mobile content in the last 3 months vs 41% of adults

There is also an increased interest in content applications such as music (34%), movies (22%) and photos (52%).

The 18 to 34s are also the most interested currently in content services. When asked what applications they would use if price was not a barrier, 67% chose sharing pictures with friends and family, 58% in downloading songs, 53% in video calling and 39% in watching film trailers or sporting highlights video clips.

Bodes well for mobile media moguls and mobile marketers. Let's get the pricing sorted out network operators. Then maybe we'll see appropriate take-up of some of these services without being hit for massive data charges. Bring on bundled pricing please.

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