Monday, May 15, 2006

mobile and video news

A couple of snippets I read about today that I thought was interesting.

Firstly, Ms Cellulite (pictured left is a text-based soap which has been successful in the US. Channel X, with director Charlie Salem, are producing a UK pilot with an interactive TV version and a mobile version. The existing product in the US was cross platform with 2.5G and 3G support but quite what those are/were I'm not sure. There's a website up and running now in the UK so you can check it out. Looks kinda interesting.

Secondly, Fox is selling full episodes from 24 on in a bid for myspace to become more commercial and to use it as a platform for selling and distributing content to its reputed 75m members across the globe. Via Brand Republic. Not exactly rocket science to do this - especially as they're sister companies but a development nevertheless. Add in the potential to stream to the mobiles of those 75m customers and you have a pretty powerful media brand.


  1. Aw pants. Is there nothing on the web which they won't turn into a market place?

    By the way, know anyone with a double bedroom flat to spare?

  2. it'll be interesting to see how quickly that 75m goes down once this sort of thing starts to kick in regularly. I think Mr Murdoch will rue the day on this one...


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