Friday, April 20, 2007

I want my MTV

I'm really excited to be on a very prestigious panel at next week's Music Tank event, 'I want my MTV'. The keynote speaker is James Scroggs who is VP Marketing MTV UK and Ireland and he's going to be talking about the fact taht the old world of music TV is a shadow of its former self and its role in the music marketing world is up for debate with newcomers like Joost, YouTube, MySpace et al.

The chair is Keith Harris (no not Orville's master AFAIK) and fellow panellists are Assia Grazioli-Venier who heads up Ministry of Sound TV and Malcolm Gerrie who is Chief Exec of WhizzKid Entertainment, and who created the legendary 80s music show, The Tube.

It costs £20 to £30 to attend and is on at Bertorelli's Restaurant and Bar on Frith Street from 6.30pm.

So if you're not going to Mash-Up or didn't get your ticket in time for Chinwag Live's PR Unspun, then why not join us?

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