Friday, April 20, 2007

Free Pollen Count text messages from Asthma UK

Just spotted this via Brand Republic. Asthma UK is offering folks free tips on controlling their asthma including a free text message service to advise sufferers when there's likely to be a high pollen count.

I don't suffer from asthma, but I do suffer badly from hayfever (last year was *really* bad) so I've signed up to get the text alerts. However, from experience, I know pretty quickly how high the pollen count is by how snuffly I am as the effect on me is pretty immediate. And there's a limit to how many anti-histamines a girl can take without falling asleep.

Maybe it's time I did the Tony Robbins detox again*? After doing that a few years ago I stopped getting hayfever.. well until my body retoxed a few months later at least!

*The gist of it is over 10 days you eat nothing with a head (fish, meat, honey, dairy), no irritants (vinegar, onions, salt), no sugar, no caffeine, no alcohol, salad with every meal, don't mix proteins and carbohydrate at a meal, don't drink 20 mins before, during or up to 20 mins after a meal, nothing but raw fruit or veg before midday and exercise 6 days out of 10.

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  1. Found your blog on a search for pollen counts; might start coming back for the marketing side. I suffer badly from hayfever, and double antihistamines still didn't let me breathe. I suggest you try my solution before another round of detox. My GP (private) does a 2-time acupuncture programme, about 10days apart at the beginning of the season. Fifteen minutes, 3 sites on each side of the body, and relief starts immediately (and accumulates over the years). Iused to not be able to breathe on double-doses and even had serious skin eruptions, despite every natural remedy/ detox available. Now I need almost nothing except this type of acupuncture, with an occasional eye drop. Can enjoy April - September again.


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