Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday linkage

Found this very cool picture editing site, Picnik, via Katie's Blog. Dead easy to use and integrates with flickr too. Well spotted Katie.

And then I found LibraryThing which is an online social network about books. You can review books, you can discover books, you can discuss books, but it's not about selling books. It's a mine of information and there's a ton of stuff on there. I have barely scratched the surface but I can imagine, given some time, I could really get into it.

Sony Ericsson is focussing on phones that can surf the mobile internet for its next wave of marketing on the back of new flat rate data plans coming in from the major UK networks. This has to be good news and the kind of boost the industry needs to get to the next level.

Pepsi's bluespamming folks at bus shelters in the US. Great concept but why they have to bluespam I don't know. And if you take a look at the picture how would you even know what was going on? The words are teeny tiny right at the bottom of the poster. Thanks to Carlo Longino for the tip-off.

The Mobile Web is Generation Y.. well read this post to find out and see if you agree.

I need to give this a go - The Nokia Wellness application for Series 60 phones. Maybe *after* my trip to World Telemedia ;) via Tom Hume.

Top tips on Mobile Search from search specialist Andy Hagans. This area isn't my specialism at all but Andy seems to know his stuff and he's actively seeking feedback and comments as it's a work in progress.

And finally, if widgets are your thing, then it's nearly time for widget week which is a joint effort between Chinwag, NMK and MoMoLondon. And mobilists out there reading this, you need to have a look at widgets... it seems they're just the ticket on the Nokia N95 [must get that upgrade!]


  1. Anonymous5:59 pm BST

    Nice linkage! Worth noting the piknic integrates with moblogUK too, you simply edit an image and then choose the send by email option, moblogUK is configurable as a destination from there.

  2. Thanks Alfie! Great stuff that piknic integrates with Moblog UK too :D


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