Thursday, April 19, 2007

Last chance for a reduced rate ticket for Chinwag Live's PR Unspun event

Chinwag Live is running an event on Tuesday 24th April (that's next week) in Central London called PR Unspun. It will look at how the PR industry is adapting now that social media is heading for mainstream adoption. It's just £20 if you book before midnight tonight (19 April). Check it out at Judging by past events of theirs that I've been to, it's always a good panel and discussion followed by great networking. Well worth it.

And if you do go, be sure and say hello to the Chinwag team, for they are lovely.

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  1. Anonymous9:42 pm BST

    Hi Helen, we've had a big surge in bookings over the last two days and are now sold out! Thanks, no doubt, to your mention of it :-)


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