Friday, April 20, 2007

CNN Mobile site... any good?

I was planning to do a bit of a recce around a few mobile news sites to do a compare and contrast job in relation to something I'm doing for a client. So having heard a month or so ago via MocoNews that CNN was doing an all-singing all-dancing wap site with help from Ericsson, I thought it was worth a look. And I was also reminded about it in the latest CNN email newsletter which popped into my inbox yesterday.

Anyhoo, I head off to CNN on my 'puter to see what the service consisted of. It seems there's breaking news, video and also the wapsite which was the bit I was interested in. I type in the address on my phone browser (Opera Mini) and get 'Forbidden. Your client is not allowed to access the requested object.' So I try again on my operator browser (T-zones) and get the same message. And indeed the same message on my PC. Hmm, maybe they're updating the site or something?

Err, it seems not. It seems that unless you're on a network with one of CNN's preferred partners you don't get access. Except, that with Opera Mini, of course, I can just go to and see everything I want to see, albeit in a not as nice format I expect as the made for mobile site. So much for CNN 'making mobile news easy'! So I have to agree with Denis at WapReview... CNN really doesn't 'get' mobile.