Monday, April 23, 2007

Bango Nexus Cafe - How to make money on the mobile web

Just had an email pop into my inbox about a Bango Nexus Cafe breakfast briefing in London at the lovely Soho Hotel on Wednesday 16th May at 9am where you can learn how you can make more money on the mobile web.

If you're a content provider or brand with content ready to sell, or already selling mobile content via the traditional Premium SMS route, make sure you don't miss out as you'll find out more about the market opportunity, how it works and some interesting case studies to boot including some experiences from Houssain Elguertit from Gameloft and what they did around mCommerce. And I'm expecting the networking will be fun too (well, I'll be there if that's any help and I know the Bango folks are friendly!).

It's just £19.99 to attend if you book online, but if you're very quick and register before 24th April (that's tomorrow dear readers) then it's a bargain £9.99. To register for the £9.99 offer, just text GO CAFE to 85080. And all attendees get a copy of Bango's very useful 'Practical Guide to Mobile Marketing' as well. Can't be bad.

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