Monday, April 23, 2007

Today's letter is J

Well, it feels like it. I was about to write up a piece on Jaxtr and how it compares with JaJah but The Voip Girl has beaten me to it with a rather good round up and she even throws in Jangl for good measure so I'll leave it to her rather than reinvent the wheel.

And if it wasn't so late and I wasn't so tired, I might find the energy to properly test SugarCandy or SgrCndy if ur in txt spk mde. Looks to be a group text messaging service but it uses email addresses rather than mobile numbers so I'm a bit confused. Perhaps the SugarCandy guys can explain how it works to us SMS shortcode addicts here in the UK?

Of course, we already have Hotxt here in the UK but that does necessitate downloading a java app to your phone, but once done, is pretty easy and cheap to use - and it looks a LOT easier to use than SugarCandy. How are you supposed to remember all those commands? And then there's also Phuser which I haven't yet had chance to try out which brings messaging and social networks together. George, I *will* give it a go, I promise!

Seems to me the digital world is a very exciting but complicated place. I can see how normobs (Ewan's term for normal mobile users) could get very confused and just not bother even trying to find out about this stuff and it's going to take some educating of the market to get this stuff to take off beyond the geeks and enthusiasts.

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  1. Anonymous3:57 pm BST

    I should hope so too! I look forward to your feedback on Phuser when you've had a chance to play around :)


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