Friday, April 20, 2007

Instant Karma Party Right Now

Well so say The Pinker Tones from Barcelona (it's one of their tracks). They were playing on Tuesday night at La Linea Music Festival at Cargo in Hoxton and very good it was too. Think electronic (like Kraftwerk), lounge (like The Gentle People), chillout like Air or Zero 7 mixed with a hefty slice of rock, very convincing air guitar, dancing and a Barcelona upbeat vibe. I loved it. Especially as I missed their gig in February in Barcelona.

It was an enthusiastic crowd with lots of their Catalan fans and TPT showed their appreciation by really pumping out the tracks from their latest album The Million Colour Revolution but remixed and revamped with a rockier feel than the album which suited the crowd at Cargo.

And then we got to meet them afterwards and they're the loveliest young men you'd care to meet - really friendly, no pretensions, just really pleased to be able to share their music to a willing audience and to be able to do their thang. I really hope they go from strength to strength as they deserve every success, and I do hope we see them in London again sooner rather than later.

More pictures over on flickr.

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