Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mobile TV viewers are male, 18 to 34 and tech savvy

No big surprise there then! However, at a recent conference, Telephia claims there are 6.2m mobile TV subscribers in the US, 70% are males aged 18 to 34 and that Hispanics are three times more likely to subscribe to mobile video services. 80% of viewers watch for more than 5 minutes at a time. Also mobile video subscribers are more tech-savvy (well, they'd have to be wouldn't they to understand how to even get mobile video on their phones I reckon) and tend to use more mobile applications and two thirds are also using the mobile internet. I'm surprised that last figure isn't higher actually.

I don't know much about Mobile TV in the US but I'm wondering what it is they're actually watching... Anyone know or care to hazard a guess?

Via FierceMobile.


  1. Anonymous8:51 am BST

    Anyone tried this mobile TV service out? They got some good extreme sports video on the website: but it also works on your mobile
    phone apparently on any video enabled phone with WAP access.

  2. Anonymous10:07 am BST

    TV on your WAP enabled mobile phone. Type in your mobile internet browser. They are looking for beta testers to help see if it works on your phone. Offered by extreme sports mobile TV company Yamgo ( It's a free service (apart from your WAP phone charges). It works well on my Nokia N70, even the live channels work over a GPRS.


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