Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Today's useful links

Popuri.us is a free site where you can see how popular (or not) your website is. It uses several different criteria including Alexa, Google, Technorati and Bloglines to give you a ranking so you can compare yourself with your peers or whoever you like. It seems that my little technokitten blog is doing better than I thought. Still some way to go to catch up with smstextnews and mobhappy, but I'm happy with the results nevertheless.

10 things to know about shortcodes in the USA. According to the CTIA, you can't sent out religious, political (news is ok) or porn messages (except that Playboy runs a service) via text. I wonder if that includes if you've opted-in to receive those text messages and you're over 18 or whatever? And how do you police that effectively? And isn't that against the principles of free speech and liberty? Sounds as barmy as the Isle of Man law that said it was illegal to swear in a text message (no really, that was a law I read about in the local newspaper on holiday there back in 2001, and no, it wasn't April Fools Day!).

What is ambient intimacy? An essay on intimacy via services like twitter, flickr, myspace, facebook et al

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