Tuesday, April 10, 2007

a few links for a Tuesday afternoon

Twitter is vulnerable to SMS fraud. It seems you can spoof the caller ID if you're using websites to send in your SMS. And Twitter isn't the only one that's vulnerable. [(As it happens, we suffered a similar problem with ZagMe back in 2000 but we got round it somehow - you'd have to ask the techies how they did it though).

Adults are catching up with the kids when it comes to SMS and MMS usage in the USA according to LogicaCMG.
"The thirty-something crowd is rapidly catching up with their younger counterparts when it comes to the adoption of new cell phone technologies in the U.S., and their older counterparts aren't very far behind either," said Wayne Irwin, President, North America, LogicaCMG Telecoms."
There is also increased interest in mobile advertising as a business model according to a very un-scientific study also by LogicaCMG at CTIA.

Moka launches mBooks to the world including titles from Louise Hay, Plato, Kahlil Gibran, Buddha and Marc Allen. The idea is that the Moka team abridges the book into text message or email format. These messages are then sent to you daily as part of your subscription package (which is pretty reasonably priced). So you'll see a lot of self-help and religious titles there as the medium lends itself particularly well to those genres.
"Moka mBooks pick up where your favourite books left off. Delivered directly to your cell phone or email, mBooks are mobile teachers that help you apply the wisdom of world-renowned authors to everyday challenges. Whenever you need essential insight, wherever you need guidance, mBooks delivers answers at the speed of life."

I'll be at Swedish Beers tomorrow night which is officially Tom and also Carlo's favourite mobile networking event. Praise indeed. Come and see me and a host of others there alongside our generous sponsors Tanla Mobile.

MoMoLondon registration is open for its next event on LBS (location based services) including presentations and demos from Seeker Wireless, Plazes, Buddyping, Sportsdo, Locomatrix. I'll be there hoping to see interesting stuff that's about context rather than geography. Best be quick to sign up though - at the last count over 180 had signed up and although it's at Centrepoint, I'm not sure how many the room can actually take.

Update: Registration is now closed for the event but if you would like to be put on the standby list, then please contact Dan Applequist.

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