Monday, July 02, 2007

Random links on a First Monday

Beating congestion with mobile phones: This is nifty. In Rome, the authorities are using mobile phone signals to work out traffic hot spots over time so they can work out where the traffic jams will be in the future and therefore work out ways of keeping the traffic moving.

A very thorough article on how to monetise your mobile site with advertising including top tips on using the major players - Admob, Yahoo, Google and also some technical tips and hints. Well worth a look.

A write up by pal Tom on's buzzword take on online social networking. I have to say, I agree with him which is why I haven't written a piece on it and instead I am directing you to read his instead.

Whilst I was enjoying the Carnival that was Glastonbury, my fellow mobilists have been busy beavering away at the latest two instalments of the carnival of the mobilists... No 79 from Jag at Route 79 is rather good (well I would say that as he gives me a plug!) and incredibly thorough. And this week's, No 80, from my fellow female mobilist, Debi over at Mobile Jones., where she does a top job of rounding up this week's mobile writing.

Some older news but worth noting anyway...

Pandora launches personal radio for mobile. A great step forward, but until we have proper flat rate data plans, this ain't gonna fly which is why the launch is with Sprint so I can't test it to tell you what it's like.

Borders are doing mobile couponing in the UK and it appears to be an unqualified success. Although I'd love to see a comparision with other similar couponing activity they may have done and I'd also like to take a gander at the point of sale materials. The fact that it's mobile is possibly not the critical success factor here and I expect it's a combination of things.. can anyone give me any more info?

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