Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mobile Rules! Business Plan competition

Mobile Rules! is the world's leading annual competition for business plans and applications
in the mobile environment and is backed by Nokia.

They are searching for innovations that will bring the mobile business to a completely new level. So if you're looking to see your business plan come to life or get your mobile application in the
hands of millions of Nokia device users, here's your chance. The competition gathers together the most promising designers, leading vendors, funders and media in the world.

There are two tracks - 1 for mobile applications and one for business plans and the prizes are pretty good with the chance to get your project live, or if that doesn't pan out, a cash alternative instead for the winners in each track. The application deadlines are November for the mobile applications track and January for the business plan track but time moves fast so don't leave it to the last minute if you're interested. There's a pdf here that you can check out outlining the basics.

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