Friday, July 13, 2007

The Implications of the New Gambling Act - seminar 25th July

NOC and 160 Characters have joined forces to put on an event to discuss the implications of the new Gambling Act. This has implications for the way quizzes and competitions are devised and managed on television, but it also has implications for sales promotion quizzes and competitions too and how those are handled. NOC has brought together a variety of speakers (and delegates) to discuss the impact on the service providers in this sector and to assess the future landscape of this currently lucrative industry sector after the Gambling Act comes into force in September 2007. There are new compliance and regulatory rules to consider and if you are active, or considering being active in this sector, then this seminar is probably well worth a look.

The seminar is being held at 3pm on 25th July and costs £50 for members of 160 Characters or NOC and £80 for non-members. More information on their website.

The topics and speakers include:
"Bringing the GA to Life - The latest views and decisions of the Gambling Commission"
Tom Kavanagh, Deputy Chief Executive,
Gambling Commission
"The new regulatory framework for PRS in broadcast"
Paul Whiteing, Director of Policy & Innovation, ICSTIS
"What does the new GA mean for the Interactive Media Industry? - A checklist of actions to consider"

Brinsley Dresden, Head of Media, Brands &
Technology, Lewis Silkin
"Defining the roles and responsibilities of service providers and their customers within a clear regulatory framework"
Scott Davies, Director, Million-2-1

"Vote for independence - the importance of getting that external assistance for all promotional activities"
Jeremy Stern, Managing Director, PromoVeritas

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  1. Anonymous11:35 pm GMT

    The impact has yet to be seen, and I honestly don't think that the U.S. government can really do that much to effectively prohibit gambling. Yay!


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