Thursday, July 05, 2007

What's new at Vodafone?

Well, a few things it seems as I've been browsing their website this morning. First off, they've launched a very interesting report on m-transactions, mobiles and developing countries. I've written up a short piece about it over at the Mobile Messaging 2.0 blog.

Then I found this press release about good value roaming data charges with their Connect Abroad tarriff. Yes, Ewan, you did see that correctly! It looks like a pretty good deal to me and takes the worry out of how to connect when you're abroad. Yes, it means you have to have an active Vodafone sim card, but if you do much travelling, this has got to be a good thing to get.

"Laptop users will have a reliable and competitively-priced alternative to WiFi starting this summer, when from 2 July Vodafone drops its laptop data roaming prices to EUR12 per day (excl. VAT) for wireless roaming across Vodafone subsidiaries in Europe, Egypt, Australia and New Zealand, and with partners in France, Switzerland, Austria and Belgium"

If I was doing more travelling, I'd definitely be up for this.