Sunday, July 29, 2007

How e are you ?

According to the guys over at How e are you?, I'm an e-expert* and in fact, come 385th out of 10814 respondents to date. Enhance Media is the team behind it and they're interested in finding out about how online savvy we are in the UK.

In addition, they have teamed up with children’s internet charity Childnet International to help support and promote the valuable work the organisation is doing to help make the internet a great place for children.

As 'how e are you?' develops, they want users to be aware of Childnet’s vital work in educating children and young people on how to be safe online and ensure that they are e-safe. So they're donating 5p for every completed questionnaire and encourage participants to take a look at teh Know IT All website which gives up to date information on arange of safety and information security issues for children and grown-ups alike.

"e-experts are well above average in their understanding, exploration, and use, of the digital universe. An active online consumer, you really appreciate the benefits of digital devices to your life, which includes work, leisure, keeping in touch, shopping, travel, and entertainment. You are keen to share your enthusiasm, and are already thinking about your next e-nlivening e-xperience!"

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