Friday, July 13, 2007

dotmobi database to make mobile developers' lives easier

Andrea Trasatti dropped me a line the other day to let me know about his new appointment as Director, Device Iniatives for dotmobi. As part of this, he'll be overseeing the new device database that dotmobi is putting together. It's early days yet, but Andrea's in charge of designing, building and launching this new service.
"The database will provide structured data, accurate to a degree not found in existing public resources. Information will be obtained from – as well as shared with – the global development community and published online. This will simplify the development process and enable developers to create the very best experience for users, based on comprehensive and reliable intelligence."
Sounds like a great resource. Good luck with it Andrea!


  1. Anonymous1:07 pm BST

    Yes, because with WURFL and UAProf we really needed a third device database!

  2. Thank you Helen for posting the message.

    Dan, we think that UAProfile has proved to be lacking some core information that is needed by developers and designers. WURFL is certainly a great project and I've been involved for 5 years so I know all the good things of it.
    We think that dotMobi can add something to the ecosystem and we think that it can help developers and designers. We will start from the standards so W3C and most likely compatibility with existing technologies such as WURFL and UAProf.
    I think that you should see this as a chance to improve what already exists and not to reinvent the wheel and run in parallel.
    If you are happy with things are they are, of course, you can keep using the existing tools and just don't bother with our database. Nevertheless I think it will be worth to give it a look when it will be available publicly and then you make your decision. It will not be simply a database, but a full environment to test devices and collect and share information. Something that we believe is missing, today.


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