Monday, July 30, 2007

Lots to catch up on

but can't write it up now as I have to dash out, but posts coming soon on...
  • Mobiles and emerging nations
  • Interesting meetings with mobilists Jeff Bloom from Singtones and Sander Munsterman of
  • A review of O2's new Cocoon phone (yes, I have one!)
  • A few pictures of mobilists at play
Gotta go - laters!


  1. Anonymous12:11 pm BST

    Where did you get a cocoon from? how much did it cost you? I saw someone using one last night but can't find much about them?

  2. @jamie t

    I was given the cocoon to try by the lovely folks at o2 so it was free and pre-release. It should start to hit the shops now. It's exclusively on o2 and is available on the o2 website now

    It's a lovely little phone and if you get one, don't forget to get a decent sized memory card to go with it so you can store your music easily.

  3. Hi Helen - I am part of the Cocoon blogger team, just wanted to say hello and glad that you have the like the phone. I've got it at the same time as you, I love the alarm functionality and that way that texts scroll across the outside in blue.

    We've set up a blog (although there were some issues in the last 2 weeks which meant that for some reason some posts vanished but seems the bug seems to be out now!)

    Would love to get your thoughts

    Cheers and thanks again for taking part in this



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