Monday, November 20, 2006

Want to know what people want from a 3G phone?

Then check out the BBC Forum on the topic here. It's a window into the minds of consumers, many of whom loathe mobile phones (and as such, more likely to be vociferous on a forum like that). It's well worth a read though.

There's another one here all about how we'll be consuming TV in the future. Also worth a look if you're interested in TV - mobile or otherwise. And judging by my recent traffic, mobile TV is a hot topic...

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  1. Anonymous12:24 am GMT

    I scanned about 10 pages of the responses. My general impression is that users are quite happy with the mobility of communications in the form of calls and sms.

    I wonder what a similar survey would show in the late 70's 'long' before the start of mobile phones in the 80's.

    Now I have seen die-hards who are finally seduced by the convenience of mobility. Others were coerced.

    I wonder if the masses could resist something compelling and relevant.

    The internet, broadband and Google are relevant.

    Lets see if the masses could fend off the seduction of mobile internet.

    -- TSH


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