Monday, November 13, 2006

Catch up on what's been happening in mobile...

World Telemedia in Budapest was fun. Didn't see much of the city but I did meet a lot of people, enjoyed a few drinks and presented a session on the Friday morning midst an audience of tired and hungover mobilists.

Whilst I was there, I didn't really have time to do email so I've come back to an inbox full of stuff which I'm just wading through now. So here are some quick links and excerpts to keep you going.
  • Experimental mobile-mentary is in production courtesy of film-maker Max Schleser. He's exploring Japanese cities through the lens of a mobile phone. With 30 one to three minute clips, he hopes these will be translated to the silver screen in 2007. Sneak previews will be presented at the Design Fiesta in Tokyo. Phase 2 of the project will see more use of user generated content. Watch this space...
  • Tocmags launches in the UK after a successful beta trial. Anyone can build a tocmag just by using their simple interface and adding pictures and text. During the trial, examples of use included several virtual business cards, travellers' logbooks (full of photos, video and commentary to send to friends and family at home), 'private' Tocmags exchanged between couples and even a weekly church newsletter. Via Brand Republic
  • According to IG Trend Central you may soon hear people saying "VM me" rather than "IM me". Veeker is a free video messaging service that enables you to shoot mobi-video and instantly share it with friends. Videos are sent directly to the Veeker site, where, similar to Flickr, the creator can opt to keep it private or to share with the Veeker community. The “Veeks” or “video peeks” can also be viewed in other blogging and social networking sites that accept their code
  • Similar to Dodgeball, Jaiku allows users to "connect with the people you care about". Users can share their real-time locations and view the presence streams of their friends: basically, the service enables users to know their friends’ whereabouts at all times and vice versa, so long as everyone participates and has a Nokia Series 60 phone. Sounds a bit like Buddyping to me.

[Note to self, must try these things out and review them properly...]

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