Thursday, November 16, 2006

Interested in media and technology?

Yes? Then you might well be interested in Library House's forthcoming conference MediaTech 2.006 on 30th November at the wonderful Imax theatre. It promises to be a day where the innovators, the disruptors, the investors and the corporate players get together to talk about who will win and lose in tomorrow's world where media and technology collide. There are some great speakers lined up including fellow mobilist Russell Buckley of Admob. And by the end of the day, you'll hopefully have at least discussed, if not found the answers to
  • Which companies walk the walk in the collision of technology and media
  • Who is creating the future, creating value and how
  • What emerging business models are most likely to succeed (you might want to check out my post here on mobile business models)
  • How are upstart companies trying to exploit the industry disruption (I wonder if they are trying to exploit, or if that's just a by-product of being innovative and forward thinking?)
  • Where are investors, pioneers and incumbents engaging in partnership to everyone's advantage?
So quite a lot to address then in one day.

Library House is walking the talk, as they say, by inviting a guest panel of bloggers (me included) to get involved with the event. We've been asked to stir up a bit of a debate before and after the event with a view to feeding the panels with questions around what people out there regard as the issues of the day. So do comment here or drop me a line with your thoughts and I'll happily add them to the mix. Hot topics in my circle currently seem to be mobile TV, virtual reality, social media and where advertising fits in (or not) into this space. I'm also feeling some tension between the players in the web world and the mobile world but more on that another time.

We'll also be available during breaks to give delegates the opportunity to pitch ideas to us which we might just write about or chat about later in the wrap-up panel. It's a bit experimental, but that's ok. I enjoy improvisation! And then of course there's drinks and canapes afterwards.

And all this for a bargain £395 (+ VAT) including lunch, refreshments and the evening networking.

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