Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Is it just a rumour..

..or will we hear tomorrow that 3 is exiting the UK? And if 3 *is* exiting the UK, what impact will that have on our early-stage mobile media industry? Looks like Vodafone could be interested in buying the assets (customers). More here too.

Watch this space as they say...


  1. Anonymous5:29 pm GMT

    I'll hold off wiping the egg of my face just yet...if you look at what has been announced yesterday, they may be betting rather than selling the company without a real change in the strategic environment ;)

  2. I really welcome Three's foray into mobile broadband and hope that it returns dividends for them. However, the handset capabilities may well let them down, as will compatibility issues with other networks when creating and sharing content.

    It's only a matter of time before all the networks have to bring in flat rate data plans and work out whether or not they're great pipes (and there's clearly a business there) or whether they become media moguls themselves. And they'll never be media moguls unless they get the basic "pipe plus billing" equation right.


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