Saturday, November 18, 2006

Mobile Services Christmas Guide

SmartTrust, the mobile device management company is putting together a guide to setting up your new phone in time for Christmas. As part of this guide, they'd like to include examples of different services that users can subscribe to as they initially configure their phone for use - be that music, ringtones, wallpapers, animations, games, voicemail, video, tv or whatever.

So, if you have an interesting consumer mobile service or application that you'd like to include then please let Jessica know by email at Noiseworks PR and include a user-friendly paragraph about the service, how to subscribe, and a phone number, website and/or wapsite (and if you have a mobile service you really *should* have a wapsite you know), where customers can go for more information. I'd also add in any costs (one-off, subscription or otherwise) for using the service. But that's my customer service hat going on as there's way too much billshock going on for my liking. But you'll have to be quick as the deadline is 23rd November. They can't guarantee that you will be included but will try to include as many as possible.

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