Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Do you like music?

Do you have or could you develop an eclectic taste in music? Then TunA theDay could be for you. It's a free, interactive, on-line community who love music and enjoy new musical experiences and probably don't take themselves too seriously. Oh, and it's run by my mate Ade. He's got big plans for the new year but in the mean time, you get an email every day with a bit of blurb, links to stuff and a link to Ade's myspace page (go on, add yourself as a friend) where you can hear the TunA the Day which could be anything from rock, jazz, soul, funk, indie to world or whatever music from today or yesteryear. It's all legal and above board too.

Interested? Then sign up for your daily email by sending an email to Big Ade tuna [at] hwandh [dot] co [dot] uk

You won't get spammed (that's just not Ade's stylee), you'll get to hear something interesting every day and you'll be the first to hear about new TunA when it arrives next year.

Mention my name in your sign up email so he knows how you heard about him. And don't forget to wish Ade a Happy Birthday today too. He's a *lot* older than me ;)

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