Friday, November 24, 2006

I went into the woods last night

Well, to be more precise, I didn't go wandering off into a forest in the dead of night. I went to the launch of the Into the Woods collection at the Digital Wellbeing Labs in the fabulous Bluebird store on the Kings Road with Lesley from Mixipix. I saw all kinds of things from USB memory sticks made from twigs, a visual thesaurus, wooden digital clocks, both standard and cuckoo clock stylee, virtual graffiti, a wooden robot vacuum cleaner and my favourite, the wooden creature speaker (pictured - the rose is optional!).

If you get chance, do go along and see the collection (and the shop at Bluebird is well worth a visit anyway. It's a fascinating mix of art meets digital meets lifestyle and well worth a look. Of course, you can also browse and buy online. Well done to Priya and her team for organising.

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