Monday, May 07, 2007

Bank Holiday links

As the Bank Holiday draws to a close, I thought I'd better capture a few links that might be of interest, so here goes...

Comeks raises cash but I still don't know how to get it on to my phone or my 'puter so I wonder if it's a network operator specific service? If so, it's a shame, as I reckon it would go down a treat with the community at Moblog UK. It looks to be a great service that gives you the tools to turn your photos and images into a comic strip so you can create those photo-love type stories as seen in The Sun (print version) or in days gone by the much missed Jackie magazine. Thanks to Dan for the tip-off.

Talking of which, they've been very busy of late at Moblog UK with new moblogs for Channel 4's Binwatch, a new anime moblog for Gong Studios (and there's prizes 'n everything on offer) and the official launch of the Big Art Mob, again for Channel 4. It’s the UK’s first comprehensive survey of Public Art – based entirely on pictures from the camera phones of art-lovers nationwide. It aims to record for posterity the wealth of artworks in public places right across the country and serve as the focus of a dynamic national conversation. Go check the site out and take part yourself.

Vodafone/Cingular (USA) has included in its website terms and conditions to disallow deep links to their website, and also disallowing bloggers or anyone really from saying anything negative about them. Now that just seems barmy to me. I understand copyright issues and libel or slander and that's fair enough, but to stop free speech and hyperlinks seems ridiculous. Although it does appear to be legal. I imagine monitoring this will become nigh on impossible as the internet and blogosphere both grow exponentially. Ewan has also commented on this over at SMStextnews. It seems to me that the days of 'controlling' your message are long gone and these ts and cs seem a bit last century.

Kajeet launches an MVNO in the USA for tweens with snazzy mobile phones *and* related, targeted content aimed at kids aged 8 to 12 and it looks pretty good to me. The characters they've invented are appealing, the handsets look ok (although they won't be as funky as their older siblings' Razr and Krazr handsets from Motorola), it's well priced, a lot of thought has gone into keeping both parents and kids happy so maybe this is one MVNO that will work. Their aim is to sign up 175,000 customers in their first year.