Monday, May 07, 2007

Telco 2.0 round up on 'digital yoof'

The Telco 2.0 initiative is about brainstorming how telcos, handset manufacturers, media companies et al can generate revenue in an IP based world. They had a recent brainstorm session at the end of March and the write up of the session on digital youth is now on the website and is well worth a read.

Some highlights include:

Research from Peter Miles from SubTV, the UK student TV network
  1. 90% access the internet daily in 2006 (up from 82% in 2005 and 65% in 2004)
  2. 51% of students visit social networking sites each week
  3. 99% own a mobile (and 74% ‘would lose their mind if they lost their mobile’)
  4. They are VERY good at multi-tasking and filtering - normal marketing messages may not get through
Nick Bassett from Vodafone's research unit tell us of the key phone requirements for the predominantly pre-pay 'Tireless Texter' :
  • Modern. Yup, the device must be cool ‘n’ funky.
  • Have good quality camera. To capture those young fun-lovin’ moments…
  • Include Bluetooth. So those pics and games can be exchanged with friends for free.
  • Have lots of memory. To store those illegal music and video downloads.
  • An MP3 player. To play those (still) illegal downloads
Alfie Dennen from Moblog reiterates the need for sensibly priced flat-rate data plans to encourage mobile web usage without fear of billshock and appealed to the operators to come up with alternative (improved) revenue share models.

Well worth a read.