Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Vote George Kidd NOW!!

It's the New Media Age Awards soon and they want to know from all of us who's had greatest influence in the last 12 months. There are some heavyweights up there, of course, like James Murdoch and very disappointingly, no women. But putting that aside, I reckon a vote for our very own George Kidd from ICSTIS wouldn't be a wasted vote. Yes, I know ICSTIS is the regulator, but for a regulatory body, they do a pretty good job and are helpful rather than antagonistic (well, that's been my experience of them to date) and in operating that way, help drive the industry forward. And then today I received an unofficial pitch from an "insider" on the Support George Kidd Team:
"So to paraphrase Elvis, 'A little less conversation, a little more action', ICSTIS is the regulatory body that helped monetise mobile, spike spammers and tame the tellybox. It delivered 100% per annum growth to £1.2bn, a 70% reduction in complaint levels and a funding levy a third the rate it was 10 years ago (sounds good so far - Ed). A body that has delivered Codes in a fast-changing world, reformed its governance and increased its openness (there are a few other Government body who could take a leaf out of the ICSTIS book). We have prosecuted without fear(mostly) when we had to, but tried wherever possible, with increasing success, to work with the industry to design its way out of having to.

Regulating premium rate can seem like riding a tiger, but Mr Kidd, at the helm of ICSTIS, have done so for many years and developed a framework that has been studie and copied in Europe, the USA, Australia, Africa and Asia.

Despite a shameful lack of language skills, George's capacity to make a memorable impact , often with sign and body language, has made ICSTIS legendary from Tower Bridge to Tokyo, from Bermondsey to Budapest and from Sydney to Swedish Beers nights."
It's dead easy to vote for George so there's no excuse. You just text NMA 4 (there's a space between NMA and the 4) and send it to 83338. Get your votes in before the 1st June. Winner announced on the 28th June at the NMA Awards at the Grosvenor House Hotel.

VOTE NOW!! You know it makes sense ;)