Sunday, May 13, 2007

A couple of viral campaigns with a touch of mobile

I've stumbled across a couple of nice viral campaigns, both with a hint of mobile video about them, via Alfie and Tom respectively.

The first is an exclusive McFly video of 'Baby's coming Back' with the band appearing on customised mobile phones. It's a really imaginative use of mobile video and put a smile on my face. I also signed up to the JoinUp campaign at where they're campaigning for education for all children globally. Once you've signed up, you can download your own arms and accessories for your mobile phone. And I hope, in time, we'll see some similar treatments of other music videos and/or some spoofs. Looks like it's pretty simple to do. Never mind the DRM ;)

The second example is a campaign for the Royal Navy called 'Get the Message'. Again using mobile video, here you can choose a method of delivery for your message ranging from a Diver to Helicopter Pilot, then you can choose to send the message to your friend's email address or mobile phone and then you can insert a short message. If you've chosen mobile (I sent one to myself), then you get sent a wap push message telling you that you have a confidential message waiting for you and a link to a wapsite to collect it. The link loads very quickly and you see a video and at the end, your message appears and is customised with your precise message. Very cool. You can see my test example here.

As you can see, my words aren't the most imaginative in the world, but you get the idea. The icing on the cake with this campaign would be to make it very easy to save and embed the video to leave a message with a mate on myspace for example. Instead I had to sideload my video from my phone to youtube and get the link from there. Nevertheless, it's a very nice campaign and an effective use of mobile video as part of a mobile marketing campaign.