Thursday, May 03, 2007

Wii style gaming comes to mobile

I wonder how long it will be before we get these in the UK? In Japan, DoCoMo has released a handset on to the market with motion-senser gaming capability. Now that's very cool. I think.
I'm not quite sure how this motion senser stuff will work on a phone as part of the appeal of the Wii is that there's a screen that you're aiming at and others can see what you're doing.

At World Telemedia last week, the bright sparks at ARN recruitment bribed one of the team's nephews to borrow his Wii and they set it up on their stand so you could play Wii Sports. And it was a great hit too with the expo delegates. And it's great fun to play judging by how long people were hanging around to join in and play golf and ten-pin bowling.

DoCoMo seems to be innovating a lot in the handset market with recent phones having a touch sensitive screen and another that gives off a scent when you use it. Whatever next!