Monday, May 14, 2007

Some links for a Monday morning

It's been one of those weekends.. all the best intentions to catch up with everything and only a fraction done of what I'd intended. And part of the intention was to catch up on my blogging. Still, here's a linkage post on Mobile Video and TV which should keep you going for a Monday morning.

ScreenDigest figures the prospects are bright for mobile TV and despite generating revenues of only €169 million in 2006, the researchers reckon that TV will overtake both music and gaming in the mobile content space by 2011 as operators focus on the mass-market for growth. Read the rest of the article for more detail (free subscription may be required to read the article).

Research company Infonetics reckons there'll be 46m mobile TV subscribers by 2010 with the first spike in traffic being around the Summer Olympics in Beijing in 2008 and Asia Pacific taking the lead in mobile video uptake.

IBM also writes what the IPTV and mobile TV advertising landscape might look like and is positive at the prospect of targeted ads to users.

And talking of advertising,
118118 is planning a series of mobile clips of their iconic 1970s runner characters as part of their current viral marketing campaign. This is part of a wider refocus to create 118118 as a destination web and mobile site to include sports, entertainment and celebrity news. The company will also allow users to upload their own videos to the revamped portal (which doesn't seem to be live yet).

As it happens, you can already claim ringtones and wallpapers from 118118 by clicking on the mobile phone image on the home page or by going to from your mobile phone and scrolling to the end to '118118 ringtones'. The mobile site is slow to load and I'm unable to preview the ringtones. And it's not obvious which link to press to claim your ringtone and what's even worse, is that there's no handset or network operator recognition so you have to rely on extremely clunky dropdown menus in order to tell them what kind of phone you have. It's also rather thoughtless to have a 16kb logo for those folks who are paying per kilobyte. This is especially disappointing for a company purporting to be mobile friendly. Let's hope they get that fixed in the next iteration.