Friday, August 25, 2006

Play the Guitar? Got a mobile phone?

then you need the Yamaha Musician's Companion as written about here. It's an essential tool which includes a chord reference with over 1100 chord fingerings and even plays each note. There's also a metronome to keep the beat whether your instrument is the recorder or the double bass. There's a beat finder enabling users to determine the tempo of a song and a pitch pipe to allow you to tune your instrument to reference a standard pitch.

You can read more about the software here and also buy it at The site is viewable from your PC or your mobile phone.

All this for USD 9.99. Sounds like a bargain to me.


  1. Take a look at Chord Maestro. It has the same features and is free;)

    Chord Meastro's homepage

  2. @coffeemug

    Thanks for that - well spotted


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