Thursday, August 10, 2006

Grumbletext rocks

I found out a few days ago via Ewan's blog about a new service on which offers *free* text messaging. What it doesn't make clear is that your recipient will either have to spend 50p via paypal to view the message online or pay £5 to view the message on their phone. I haven't tried it myself (nor am I going to) but there's more about it here and here.

So I also grumbled about it over at Grumbletext (where you can moan about junk text messages and find out how to deal with them - I co-founded the mobile bit of Grumbletext with Adrian a few years ago). Next thing I know, I get an email from John at Vodafone to say that he'd spotted my posting and stopped the dodgy service altogether. Let's hope the other networks have followed suit.

Hurrah for blogs, forums and the magic of the interweb :)


  1. Anonymous1:48 am BST

    Thanks for following this through! I originally posted about this on my blog, and still have the unedited list of numbers. I wonder if it might be worth passing them to anyone....

  2. @digitaltoast... Not sure on the legalities of having the numbers or not. If you email me offlist, I'll connect you with John at Vodafone so you can discuss it with him.


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