Tuesday, August 15, 2006

12.3m in the UK used the mobile internet in June

According to the Mobile Data Association (MDA), a total of 12.3 million people used their mobile phone to access theinternet in the UK during June 2006. This figure shows that close to 20% of mobile phone users are now regularly using the WAP capability ontheir phones to download ringtones, games, wallpapers or to simply browsethe internet whilst on the move.

The MDA plans to issue mobile internet user figures on a monthly basis -having previously issued figures relating to the number of WAP page impressions viewed. The method for counting has been revised to give a clearer picture of how many people are accessing the service each month, rather than how many pages a certain number may have viewed. For further mobile internet information, please visit: http://www.text.it/mobileweb/tips.cfm


  1. Love your avatar!
    Keep blogging ... am a subscriber now ... always worthy news here.

    The Tart

    Ps. Hope you has some chocolate this weekend. ; )

  2. Helen, good to meet you at the Women in Mobile event (note to other readers: not that I am woman)

    Like the MDA numbers because they are pretty close to what M:Metrics sees from running monthly surveys of over 5000 different people per month in the UK:

    The MDA reports 12.3m mobile phone users accessing the internet over their mobile phone, while we project 12.6m.

    Of that 12.6m, 9.4m are actively browsing wap/web sites for content services while 7m are downloading games, ringtones, graphics etc.

    Also we would be more optimistic putting the % of mobile phone subscribers using the mobile internet at 29%, since we are more conservative in sizing the UK market - 43m mobile phone subscribers who are 13 years and over (they do of course have multiple SIMs, but we track people's usage of their primary phone.)

    cheers Paul Goode
    (by day a mobile content guy - the rest of the time a doting dad as my blog betrays)


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