Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Did you know there was a Ringtone Society

"No?", me neither until today. The Ringtone Society is "an international platform that aims to liberate the world of musically banal ringtones" It invites composers and musicians from around the world to join them in creating ringtones and inviting the general public to acquire and use as many as we like. They also place 'audio tags' in the public environment thus putting avant garde culture back in the public domain.

The society started in Holland but is heading down under and teaming up with the Melbourne International Arts Festival to launch the society on to a global stage. As part of the festival, composers, artists and musicians have been asked to enter their ringtones (not limited to music, can be sound effects or spoken word), which will then become part of the global ringtone library. In addition, festival-goers can attend a series of ringtone concerts and experience live recordings of original ringtones by Australian and Festival guest composers.

There is a small fee Aus$1.50 or Euro 0.90 to download the ringtones to your mobile phone if you have an Australian or Dutch phone of which a percentage goes to the original artist. Payments provided by Mobile Money, which coincidentally, has 2 offices - one in Holland and one in Australia ;)