Thursday, February 08, 2007

And while we're on the subject of free apps for your phone might also like to try Yell's mobile service which is a java download. It's a fast download, and the search is fast and when you're through to a directory entry, you get the option to click to call, to find on a map and even get walking or driving directions to get there. You can get it by going to the website and entering your number, texting MOBILE to 80248 or you can visit from your mobile phone.

I stumbled upon this one as I was catching up with the discussion at MoMo London on Monday night at Auntie Beeb which I wasn't able to attend. Phicons has done a very nice write-up of the evening and ties into some of the conversations I've been around mobile search recently. Phicons has written up some thoughts about search and context on mobile which is worth a read.

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