Thursday, February 08, 2007

Transport for London has a free tube map for your phone

Well, that's not news actually. The java tube map download has been around for some time as I used to have it on my lowly Sony Ericsson K700i a couple of years back, but for some reason, unbeknownst to me, when I upgraded to my Nokia N70, T-Mobile decided to *not* support the download and offer a wap-only service. Which is a bit useless if you're in a tunnel or on a tube train trying to work out your journey! Anyway, I'm very pleased to say that it's now working on the Nokia N70 as well. And it looks like it's available on all UK networks except Three and MVNOs and on most Java-enabled handsets.

All you have to do is text TUBEMAP to 60835 and you'll get a link straight away to download the application. There's no charge for doing this except your normal data charge. TfL has lots of other mobile services too which are worth a look.


  1. Anonymous9:05 pm BST

    What's the link? Can I download it to a PC?

  2. Nope, you can't download it to a pc and the only way to access is if you text in to get the link sent to you so I guess that makes it UK specific. The page where it explains it all is here:

  3. See - we did a cheeky thing in the office and managed to download the app to a PC.

    I've got the QVGA client working on an N95 too...

    (video of which to be posted soon)

    As well as my N73.
    The Tube/Operators might not let you at it - but there are ways round!



  4. @whatley - If I didn't know better, I'd say that you were just showing off!!

    Please share your tips with us. We all want to know what you did :)

  5. Oh ALRIGHT then!
    I'll tell you how - but first how WE KNOW...
    After a bit of detective work a while back using emulators, firefox wap browsers and useragent switchers... we discovered the homesite for all the downloads.


    That ^ is the page you need.
    Whack that into your Firefox browser and go for the following:

    6230 - does 128px screens
    6600 - does 176px screens
    S700 - does QVGA (240px) screens

    So now you CAN download it onto any PC you like and install to whatever handset you fancy!

    The S700 version is the one on my own N73 and the office's N95.

    Feel free to share!

    With lots of Mobiziney love,


  6. @ Whatley - you're a star! thanks for sharing

  7. No worries - you inspired a post over at our blog too.. (and you get a cheeky name check) - have a look if you get a chance..

    See you on Wednesday and have a grand Easter weekend!

  8. Any chance you could upload the tubemap for N73 as the link is not working now. thanks

  9. @steve Try whatleydude over at Mobizines for the link and/or file. Or text TUBEMAP to 60835 for a link (UK only - standard rate charges apply).

  10. Thanks for the reply, but still no luck. have sent a text but they say not available for N73

  11. Anonymous5:39 pm BST

    I have tried useing the method of typing TUBEMAP to 60835 and sure ennough I got a reply to which I connected to the internet via my mobile but the receiving a message of. Sorry but there is no tube map for your devise. I have a Sony Ericson K800i Is there any way around the problem I have ?

  12. @kbbi Have you tried going straight to your browser and typing in

    Or go have a look at Whatley's blog too as he's more technical than me

  13. Anonymous10:09 am BST

    It's very useful, actually I'm new in London and didn't hear about this function. But after reading your blog, I tried and had success. Thank you for information.

  14. Anonymous10:15 am BST

    And I tried and couldn't. I read comment of technokitten and Whatley, but unfortunately I can't understand this technical language.

  15. Anonymous10:17 am BST

    I checked this link and found some good tips. Try this one.

  16. Anonymous4:29 pm GMT

    Looks like the link has changed to

  17. Anonymous8:07 pm BST

    Also check out an alternative mobile tube map (also bus maps):



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