Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Links for today 6 February 2007

Ericcson wants to own the whole mobile value chain from infrastructure to all content formats (from SMS to wap to apps to TV) it seems. It's just announced a collaboration with Turner to create a variety of mobile content offerings starting with CNN mobile.

Walled gardens don't work (like we needed to be told that...)

Get coverage of New York's fashion week live on your mobile but only if you're in the US and an AT&T customer.. better be quick though - the 'Mercedes Benz' Fashion Week has been running since 2nd Feb and will be closing in a couple of days time. If any US readers are out there, I'm interested to know what the experience was like - please do let me know.

Ringtone widget for independent artists to promote their content via mobile phones launched by Beta Records - US only again but looks like an interesting initiative.

Are mobile operators going to clean up their content act in conjunction with Safer Internet Day?

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