Friday, February 09, 2007

Some tips and links for 9 February 2007

I'm so busy at the moment with work stuff (good), stuff I want to read and do, events I'm organising (both of which I'm really looking forward to), and stuff I want to blog about but there are only so many hours in the day. So I'm going to compromise and just give you some snippets today.

I think "marketing to women" is a really interesting topic generally, especially as women make something like 80% of all buying decisions for *anything*. So it's interesting to get more of an insight into this area from Holly Buchanan. She talks about women and mobile gaming, as well as more general articles about marketing to women and Marketing Momentum shows how a magazine us using mobile marketing to women.

On the subject of mobile marketing, tells us about her top 10 mobile marketing campaigns from last year, has some tips for would-be mobile marketers, and shares some mobile advertising results from 3 Italia.

Which leads me to the next iteration of mobile... mobile 2.0. If you want to know about mobile 2.0, then you could do worse than have a look at bluflavor's post on the topic having visited the mobile 2.0 event last year or Paul Golding's thoughts on the subject (his blog is a must-read anyway if you're into this mobile stuff). And if you're interested in the future of the internet more generally, then take a look at Jemima Kiss's round-up of Robert Loch's last 'Internet People Dinner' back in January (somehow that already feels like a long time ago!).

Meanwhile, in the offline world, I went along to Chinwag's Wobble 2.0 event which was great. I particularly enjoyed listening and later chatting to Andrew Orlowski from The Register. It still amazes me at the lack of recognition in web 2.0 world that mobile even exists. It's still barely on the radar. This has been my experience at pretty much any digital event that isn't focussed on mobile. I just don't get it. Are web 2.0 folks so in love with their monitors and laptops that they never go out so just don't see the need for a mobile phone? Anyway, Ian Delaney has done a really good write-up of the event as has Alan Patrick and Seamus McCauley and Steve Clayton. I also hear that a podcast of the event will be published any day soon. Photos of the event are up on flickr. Extra points if you happen to spot me in any of them ;)

And finally, it appears that 3GSM registrations are all out of kilter. I tried to log on to the site today and couldn't get on and couldn't get a password sent out to me as everything I tried defaulted to a poor looking page saying registration was now closed. Then I find out that two of my colleagues still haven't had their visitor pass emails and then I get an email to tell me I've been magically unsubscribed from the 3GSM mailing list except I didn't ask to be unsubscribed. And then I hear that a company who isn't exhibiting has received 120 emails confirming registrations for 120 people they didn't invite. What *is* going on? Hmm - registering is going to be fun next week. I'm glad I'm not going to be there on Monday morning trying to register the best part of 57,000 people!!

Right back to the day job then!


  1. Anonymous5:03 pm GMT

    Glad you enjoyed Chinwag Live Helen, it was very exciting organising the first event in the series, so much so I hardly slept for about a week beforehand!

    Still, I know what you mean about some web folks having tunnel-vision... could that be the case on the the mobile side too..?

    I must try to cook up more ideas that do their bit to try and chip away at the tunnel-vision mindset. Stopping off here is always good for inspiration in that respect. :-)

  2. @ Deirdre

    Glad to know I inspire! And yes, we need more ideas to cross fertilise digital/mobile/offline more otherwise we will forever remain in silos which will help no-one in the long run.

  3. Anonymous5:59 pm GMT

    Great to see you at the event, Helen and hopefully you'll be joined by more of your mobile brethren for future events.

    I agree with you about mobile not being taking seriously enough by the web world. Could this be down to a playground mentality of:

    "You're mobile people, we don't understand your funny little devices, you can't even get big pictures, decent amounts of texet, etc, etc..."


    "You're web people, and you just don't get mobile. Plus virtually everyone has a mobile device, and Internet take-up has pretty much stopped in developed markets, etc, etc..."

    OK, so forigive the crass generalisations, but the point I'm groping for is that the two groups are quite cliquey. And the web market being more developed and older has more people in it.

    We need more people like you shouting about mobile, otherwise the digital media industry in this country is going to be woefully unprepared for what's round the corner.

    Crikey, didn't mean to start ranting. I'd better go have a lie down now. Enjoy Barcelona!

  4. Anonymous6:07 pm GMT

    hi helen - hope to say hi next time as I love your blog. not sure I'll make the 26th event which I expect you'll be at but if I do i'll say hullo!

  5. @ Sam
    I agree with you that there's a playground mentality between the two digital camps and sometimes, I don't even think we're playing in the same playground so can't even see each other! But yes, hopefully more mobile brethren will make the leap so it's not just me jumping up and down ;)

    @ Steve
    Thank you for the kind words, and hope to catch up with you at an event soon.

    @ everyone

    Off to Barcelona tomorrow for the mobifest that is 3GSM :D


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