Thursday, February 01, 2007

Did you know about the Mobile 2.0 directory?

I've just been catching up on some email and had missed the launch of the Mobile 2.0 wiki so I'm writing about it now.

Following the response and feedback on Rudy de Waele's "Understanding Mobile 2.0" article at Read/WriteWeb, he created a wiki space to start categorizing the so-called mobile 2.0 companies, the next generation mobile products and services coming to market the Mobile 2.0 Company Directory wiki

Companies can add their own information and keep it updated. You just need to sign-up to add your Mobile 2.0 company. And you can add images, slideshows, video's, and RSS feeds as well, not to forget about relevant tags. Visitors can browse the wiki by category, by keywords, subscribe to the wiki's feeds, comments and news.

This seems like a good idea to me so if you are a mobile 2.0 company, then best add your details now so the world can find out about you.

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