Monday, July 17, 2006

Women in Mobile Data event - Tues 1st August

Jessica Sandin at Fathom Partners is kindly hosting the next Women in Mobile Data Association event (the website is *very* out of date) on Tuesday 1st August at their offices in Riding House Street, London W1.

We're lucky to have Paul Goode from m:metrics come and talk to us about mobile content and services for customers outside of the male 16 to 35 segment so it promises to be very interesting.

Men are welcome to join us at this event but should be accompanied by a lady from the mobile data world where possible, and have an interest in underserved markets in mobile.

For more info or an invitation, please contact me directly.


  1. Anonymous6:12 am BST

    Sounds good... is there a particular start time?

  2. 7pm. Please RSVP to me or to Jessica at Fathom Partners.


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