Tuesday, July 25, 2006

web 2.0 list of companies

There's a useful list of web 2.0 companies here that you might find interesting. Unfortunately, there's no list of mobile 2.0 companies included... Any offers to compile it?


  1. Anonymous4:18 pm BST

    well there's Flagr... er... thats it really ... oh and hotxt ...

    Lets face it most mobile companies are deeply 1.0 - look at Monstermob or Jamba's websites for example...

    There are a few startups doing interesting things but most of them are in the US

    Watch this space...

  2. I'm building a website at wampad.com but i'm not sure you'd call it mobile 2.0 unless using xhtml and being a mashup counts. I have been working on a version for the uk at wampad.co.uk that includes kelkoo and removes services that rely on US zip codes.

    Bob Stumpel has done another revision to the web 2.0 list here, http://bobstumpel.blogspot.com/2006/06/060619-big-categorized-list-of-nearly.html

  3. Anonymous2:45 am BST

    well I have volunteered .. here we go .. linked back to this blog ..
    kind rgds Ajit


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